The 1st Seminar of Green Legal Global Alliance | Liu Guangchao: Healthy Development of Private Equity Benefiting from Transdiscipline

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Abstract: On January 14, 2017, taking the news conference on the new book Private Equity LP, the 1st Seminar of Green Legal Global Alliance came to a successful end in Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm and established the first batch of research topics and set up the project closely related to the development of the private equity market. Afterwards, Green Legal Global Alliance has continued to undertake the research work of follow-up legal issues and published supporting books interpreting private equity LP from the perspective of the law field in 2017, making constant contributions to the industrial development.

On the afternoon of January 14, 2017, News Conference of Private Equity LP (a book redefining LP) & "Capital Allocation Strategy, Investment Practice and Operation" Charrette sponsored by CITIC Press Group China Road Research and Publication Center and Green Legal Global Alliance and co-organized by LP Think Tank came to a successful end in Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm, the 56th floor, Fortune Financial Center (FFC). The book Private Equity LP "redefines LP".

Liu Guangchao, secretary general of Green Legal Global Alliance and director of Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm presided over the meeting.

At the start of the activity, secretary general Liu Guangchao introduced that CITIC Press Group is the leading group in the publishing industry, the China Road Research Center publishing organization is a professional publishing organization, responsible for China's road engineering equipment, of CITIC Press Group. Green Legal Global Alliance is a transdisciplinary alliance jointly launched by Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm and other 8 units, and it is a platform focusing on the professional, paying attention to medium, and stressing innovation, in order to solve the industry pain points, mine industry opportunities, create industry think tanks and cultivate the industry backbone force. The LP Think Tank is an investment research platform and advisory body focused on private equity LP. As the one of the main sponsored units of Green Legal Global Alliance, in addition to taking root in private equity practice, Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm also published theoretical results such as Guidebook for Company Listing on Growth Enterprise Market, Unscramble PE in China, Foreign PE in China, Limited Partnership in PE of China, and Introduction to National Equities Exchange and Quotations under the support and guidance of CITIC Press Group. We can see that the three institutions focus their attention on PE industry from different angles and make joint efforts for the healthy development of PE industry. The release of the new book is also held in this context.

At the release of the new book, the secretary general Liu Guangchao said, people are no stranger to private equity, but the discussion on private equity LPs is relatively less. Engaging in private field practice and problems for many years, DOCVIT Law Firm rarely saw the monograph on LPs, therefore, Mr. Lu Yuebing's monograph makes up the gap in the market and he is also the promoter of the private LP field. Behind each book, there is not only author's efforts, but also guidance of publishing teachers and seniors. This kind of excelsior, serious and rigorous spirit is worthy of everyone's admiration and study.

When people are discussing the latest development characteristics and trend of private equity LP on the seminar, secretary general Liu Guangchao pointed out that the private equity industry looks very single, but in fact, the entire front, back, upstream and downstream involve a wide scope. There are many other topics related to it, such as policies and market prospects of the Chinese government's guiding fund and industry fund, for the funds guided by the Chinese government have developed very rapidly in recent years. There are also some significant financial phenomena, such as the field of PPP, many people think that PPP is a bidding, government procurement or related mode of cooperation, but in our opinion, this is more of a financial game, or the innovation on financial mode. In addition, there are also impacts on financial markets from the development of AMC in regions and new round of non-performing assets, what impacts will these financial phenomena have on the pattern of private equity?  At the same time, cross-border transaction has increased rapidly in recent years, and more or less it will relate to the funds behind cross-border transactions; meanwhile, the funds also have the sound and design of LP behind it. Through the study of these issues, we can broaden our vision and think more deeply.

At the same time, secretary general Liu Guangchao also combined with his own practice for many years and said, the business of DOCVIT Law Firm involves private equity investment, and it does dozens of deals each year. We may stand at the perspective of GPs, LPs, investors behind LP, the perspective of invisible controlling over the entire plate, or perhaps the perspective of state-owned enterprises, some foreign investment companies, and even private capitals, and even some companies will "borrow the boat into the sea", there are funds behind banks, trusts, securities and so on. This architecture connects a lot of things, including GPs and LPs, as well as a lot of information management plans, including equity investment plans and funds, in which, the A level, B level, priority level, secondary priority level and post level between LP look very simple, in fact, there are deeper content behind it. From a technical perspective, this structured financial arrangement is a topic that the field of financial capital must study and face.

At the end of the seminar, secretary general Liu Guangchao said that these themes of the seminar are closely aligned with the current focus of Green Legal Global Alliance. Because Green Legal Global Alliance emphasizes transdiscipline, as the main sponsored unit of Green Legal Global Alliance, DOCVIT Law Firm just focuses on limited topics, we hope to study with elites from all walks of life utilizing Green Legal Global Alliance. Aiming at the ideological achievements of this seminar, Green Legal Global Alliance will continue to undertake the study of follow-up legal issues, and will launch legal supporting series books in the field of private equity in 2017, at the same time, we will set up a topic group to discuss and study together and finally publish a topic report or professional books as research results. Therefore, I hope that experts and like-minded partners study these topics in depth and contribute our wisdom and strength to the industry.